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Michelle's Mission

We aim to put the “M” into Marshmallows! Our homemade, handcrafted treats are nut, gluten and corn products free. You are invited to experience the beauty of our products by visiting the shop or by scrolling thru our facebook and Instagram photos. Our marshmallow products are perfect for everyday of the week.

Each homemade flavor is created as an experience for you and your family.


Stop by for a seasonal treat!


Marshmallows are nut,gluten        & corn products free!

Products, Holiday & Gift Packages

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I am Michelle Phillips Fabricant, founder and owner of “The Marshmallow Factory” . We are known for our fabulous handcrafted marshmallows. However, there is much more to our products than meets the “eye!”


You are invited to experience a sneak peak into the Marshmallow Factory responsible for creating signature items such as our marshmallow bark, chocolate covered marshmallows and gourmet smores-to-go kits.  Long before The Marshmallow Factory surfaced I had a very diverse and exciting career.

10 years of my life were spent designing for others in the industry of Graphic Arts. After Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, the next 20 years of my life were spent with Compass Group, North America, committed to training chefs and food management teams all over the United States from Baltimore to Florida, and from New Mexico to  St. Louis and Chicago.

Not comfortable with a laid back retirement which turned to be very short lived, My husband, Andy and I launched the Downtown Market Grille in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire which we enjoyed for Five (5) years.  The next venture was more relaxing and seasonal, we developed and operated "Kiki's Ice Cream" in Exeter, Rhode Island where we literally learned how to scoop ice cream overnight!  Five (5) years later we find our selves permanently located in Dunedin, Florida and are so very fortunate to have such a local marshmallow following!

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